Thank you for your interest in participating in the Special Category Program at Children's National Hospital, an Equal Opportunity Employer. We consider applicants for all positions without regard to race, color, religion, creed, national origin, age, disability, sex, pregnancy/childbirth or related medical conditions (including location), sexual orientation, marital status, genetic testing or information, or any other legally protected status.

You must fully and accurately complete the Application for Special Category. Incomplete applications will not be considered. To ensure the safety and security of our clients and maintain compliance with industry standards, all applicants in the Special Category must undergo a criminal background check and/or drug screening (if applicable) upon approval of an assignment. These checks are standard procedures that help us uphold our commitment to providing a safe and secure environment for everyone involved. A Drug Free Workplace at Children's National Hospital means that all offers of assignments are contingent upon successful completion of a negative screening for drugs.


All International Visitor applicants are responsible for maintaining their nonimmigrant visa status and ensure they are in compliant with such status. 

Children's National Hospital is committed to a tobacco-free workplace. All applicants must affirm that they are and will remain nicotine-free (this includes but is not limited to cigarettes, cigars, pipes, e-cigarettes, and smoke-less tobacco).

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As an NIH funded research organization, we are collecting demographic information on the enrollment in our education and training programs. This information is similar to information requested by colleges and universities. Once collected, the data will only be presented in an aggregated format and your specific information will be kept confidential.
Hispanic or Latinx: A person of Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American, or other Spanish culture or origin, regardless of race.

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CLINICAL TRAINEE 10031: CNH provides educational opportunities for students in various clinical programs. These trainees participate in clinical training to gain practical skills, knowledge, and experience in fields such as medicine, allied health, or healthcare administration. They do not yet have the requisite skills to function as a CNH employee in their chosen field and are at CNH to gain experience and develop relevant skills in clinical care. These trainees, while not remunerated for their services, participate in hands-on clinical activities under the direct supervision of a license CNH clinician and/or professional. They adhere to established training protocols and ethical standards. The emphasis of their training is on education, skill development, and gaining clinical experience rather than financial compensation.

OBSERVER 10011: An individual who is present to witness or monitor specific activities or procedures without directly participating in patient care, research activities, or clinical tasks. Observers are designated for various purposes, including quality control, training, and assessment. Their primary role is to gather information, document processes, and ensure adherence to established protocols, all while maintaining a non-interventional stance in the clinical care being provided.

RESEARCH TRAINEE 10013: Unpaid Research Trainees are individuals enrolled in the Children's National Research Institute training program, where they exclusively participate in a closely supervised, research-based training curriculum. These trainees are not actively engaged in providing services to Children's National; instead, their participation is purely for instructional purposes. As part of their training, they are involved in various research projects under the strict guidance of experienced researchers, focusing on developing skills in areas such as experimental design, data collection, and analysis. This role is critical for those aiming to build a career in research, particularly in fields related to children's health and medicine. However, at this stage of their professional development, Research Trainees do not yet possess the skills or qualifications necessary to work independently as employees of Children's National. Their role is primarily educational, aimed at equipping them with the comprehensive knowledge and experience required for a future career in research.

ADMINISTRATIVE TRAINEE 10033: Unpaid Administrative Trainees are individuals in entry-level positions, suitable for high school students or those seeking practical, hands-on training in a clerical or administrative setting. These roles serve as introductory opportunities for developing skillsets in office management, data entry, customer service, filing, and the use of various office technologies. Unlike student intern roles, which often require specific academic prerequisites and are more advanced, administrative trainee positions do not demand prior educational qualifications or specialized knowledge. They are designed to provide foundational workplace experiences, offering exposure to professional environments and fostering skills such as communication, organization, and time management. These positions are distinctly non-research and non-clinical, focusing solely on administrative tasks and functions, making them ideal for individuals at the beginning of their professional journey or for those looking to transition into office-based roles.

SPONSORED EMPLOYEE 10015: Sponsored Employees at Children's National are individuals who fulfill the standard roles and responsibilities of an employee within the organization, yet are distinctively employed and financially supported by an external entity. These entities can include government agencies, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, or other companies. While these Sponsored Employees work within Children's National, carrying out tasks and contributing to its mission, their employment contracts and remunerations are managed by the sponsoring organization. This arrangement is common in situations involving specialized roles where the sponsor has a significant interest in the work being done at Children's National. Despite their external employment, these individuals are integrated into the Children's National workforce, adhering to its policies and standards, but their primary employment relationship remains with the sponsoring entity.

RESEARCH COLLABORATOR 10032: Research Collaborators are professionals who, while being employed full-time or part-time outside of Children's National, engage in collaborative work with the Children's National Research Institute team. They work under the direction of their primary employer or home institution and contribute their expertise and knowledge to joint research initiatives or projects at Children's National. These collaborators maintain their employment status, salary, and benefits exclusively with their primary employer, and their involvement with Children's National is a part of their broader professional roles and responsibilities. The collaboration typically arises from shared research interests or objectives between their home institution and Children's National, aiming to leverage the strengths and resources of both entities for mutual benefit and advancement in research. As Research Collaborators, they play a crucial role in fostering innovation and knowledge exchange, while their primary professional and financial allegiances remain with their original employer.

ALLIED HEALTH TRAINEE 10040: Unpaid Allied Health Trainees undergo education and practical training. These trainees are in the process of acquiring the necessary theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience through a combination of classroom learning, laboratory work, and clinical placements. At this stage, they do not yet possess the full set of skills or qualifications required to function independently as an employee in their respective healthcare roles. Their training is aimed at preparing them for professional certification or licensure, enabling them to deliver high-quality healthcare services upon completion of their program.

STUDENT INTERN 10012: Unpaid Student Interns are engaged in non-clinical work and are enrolled in college-level coursework. Student Interns participate in a practical training program tailored to their field of study. This internship focuses on non-clinical, professional environments such as technology, business, legal, and public policy where interns apply academic knowledge to real-world scenarios. Their work may involve research, project management, data analysis, and organizational support, aimed at developing industry-specific skills and professional competencies. The prerequisite of college-level coursework ensures that interns have a foundational academic background necessary for undertaking their assigned tasks and contributing meaningfully to their workplace. This experience not only bridges the gap between theoretical learning and practical application but also enhances employability by building professional networks, understanding workplace dynamics, and clarifying career objectives.

COMMUNITY ADVOCATE 10041: Community Advocates in the healthcare context are volunteers who promote the health rights and needs of a community. These advocates focus on improving healthcare access, quality, and equity within communities, particularly for underserved or marginalized populations. Their efforts may include raising awareness about health disparities, advocating for policy changes to improve public health, and supporting community members in navigating healthcare systems. While they may be employed in various sectors outside of healthcare, their advocacy is dedicated to fostering a healthier community environment, emphasizing the importance of preventive care, mental health resources, and equitable healthcare services for all.

PSYCH/NEUROPSYCH EXTERN 10042: Unpaid Psychology and Neuropsychology Externs are graduate-level students engaged in the fields of either psychology or neuropsychology. They undergo supervised external training programs as part of their academic curricula. These externs are viewed as clinicians in training and actively participate in patient care under close supervision. In the realm of psychology, their focus is on applying psychological theories and techniques to real-world clinical situations, which includes tasks such as patient assessments, conducting therapy sessions, and implementing intervention strategies. Meanwhile, in neuropsychology, they concentrate on the assessment and treatment of individuals with neurological disorders. They learn to evaluate and address cognitive, emotional, and behavioral issues related to brain function. Through these externships, they gain crucial hands-on experience in diagnosing and treating patients, which is essential for their development into competent, licensed professionals in psychology and neuropsychology. This clinical exposure not only bolsters their practical skills but also deepens their understanding of comprehensive patient care within these specialized areas.


Children's National Dept Information

Please enter the department you wish to work in, as well as contact information for your Children's National Supervisor (If applicable).
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Emergency Contact Information:

Confidentiality & Commitment Agreement:

Children’s National Hospital is committed to maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality. Recognizing that preserving confidential information rests with each non-employee, the intent of this statement and agreement is to alert non-employees to their specific responsibilities. You may refer to any questions to your managing supervisor or designee. 

*I understood that I shall hold as confidential any unsolicited information that might be shared with me by patients, their families/caregivers, or hospital staff concerning medical issues or family circumstances.

*I agree to abide by the provisions set forth in the Children’s National Hospital Confidentiality Policy(C-10), Children’s National Hospital Information System Security Policy (CH:IT:01) and Appropriate Use of Information Resources Policy (CH:IT:02).

*I understand that I may on occasion observe medical or direct care procedures and shall hold confidential information pertaining to these procedures.

*I understand that my obligation to preserve patient confidentiality precludes me from discussing any patient, either by name or circumstance, with anyone inside or outside the hospital setting. All patient information (oral, written, or electronic, past, present, and future, medical, financial or demographic) will be held to the highest level of confidentiality. I will not release, discuss, or disclose any patient information that is not allowed under Federal HIPAA Regulations, or is appropriately authorized or is required by law.

*I understand that I am expected to dispose of protected health information in an appropriate manner that maintains confidentiality.

*I understand that I am prohibited from writing or publishing any papers, articles, stories, or other written materials from which the name, identity, or personal circumstances of any patient can be discerned. If it becomes necessary to describe or document my experience in a general way, e.g., for a college course or medical school application, I agree to clarify processes and expectations for reviewing any drafts of proposed text used for class or medical school applications with my managing supervisor or designee.

*I understand that I am not permitted to use a camera, inclusive of a camera phone, on hospital premises at any time without the specific permission of my direct supervisor or their designee. 

*I understand that there are serious penalties associated with the disclosure of confidential patient information - consequences may include disciplinary action, up to termination, legal and financial liability for the hospital, and the potential loss of accreditation.

*I understand that in the performance of my duties I may have access to sensitive information and/or reports related to other employees, organizational design or systems design, source codes, business and financial planning or status and other information related to organizational performance, planning, and development. I agree that I will not disclose such information.

*I understand the following related to System Security and Access:

a.    I consider my Children’s National Hospital logon ID to be the equivalent of my signature and I am responsible for all entries made under my logon ID.

b.    I will maintain proper password security by not revealing my password to anyone.

c.    I will protect the security of the Children’s National Hospital Information Systems by not providing anyone else access to the information system.

d.    I will not leave my workstation/terminal unprotected while I am logged onto the Children’s National Hospital Information System.

e.    I will report suspected security violations immediately to my Supervisor, the Security Coordinator, or Director of my Department.

f.    I will access information resources specifically computer systems, only for purposes related to the performance of my assigned job responsibilities.

g.    I understand that Children’s National Hospital reserves the right to monitor information systems file access at any time. I will cooperate with periodic necessary inspection of data and equipment assigned to me.

h.    I understand that all Children’s National Hospital systems and applications belong to the organization. As such, Children’s National Hospital has the right to audit, monitor, and inspect all information on the systems including but not limited to use of e-mail, databases, and document. 

 *I understand that all non-employees operate under the general supervision of the department assigned.

*I agree to maintain appropriate clinical boundaries in my dealings with hospitalized patients, their families and/or caregivers.

*I agree to confine my involvement with patients and their families/caregivers to the hospital setting and my assigned time. I understand that I am not permitted to initiate, encourage, or engage in outside contact or communication of any kind with any patients or family member/caregiver. I understand that my presence on hospital premises is only warranted during the agreed-upon time frame of my assignment.

*I agree to refrain from expressing my religious and political beliefs to patients, family members, caregivers, hospital staff, or non-employees.

*I agree to maintain a respectful and nonjudgmental attitude toward individual and family differences I may encounter in the areas of cultural and religious beliefs, child-rearing practices, values, and temperament.

*I agree to remain under the constant supervision of qualified staff and/or my supervisor for the duration of my assignment.

*I shall always uphold the Mission and Standards of Excellence of Children's National Hospital.

*I agree to respect and abide by the limitations and boundaries of the non-employee role as covered by my supervisor.

*I shall be punctual and reliable in my attendance, conduct myself with dignity and maturity, and extend courtesy and consideration to anyone I encounter within the hospital environment.

*I shall not engage in any solicitation or distribution activities that are contrary to the hospital policy which governs such matters.

*I agree to renew my medical clearance on an annual basis and to complete a Medical Update form annually which incorporates a TB Risk Assessment and Symptom Screen.

*I agree to comply with all annual compliance requirements of Children’s National Hospital, including but not limited to the Safety Quiz, Medical Renewal, and the Information Security and Confidentiality Agreement. I agree to complete additional renewal requirements as deemed necessary by my supervisor and/or according to departmental policies.

*I agree to provide relevant licenses, certifications, and registrations if applicable to my assignment.

*I agree to contribute my non-employee service to the hospital without expectation of compensation or future employment.

*I understand that the hospital assumes no responsibility for any contact, visits, or services I provide outside of the scope of responsibility assigned by my direct supervisor or designee.

*I understand that my supervisor or designee reserves the right to discipline or terminate any assignment for violating or failing to fully comply with hospital or departmental policies, procedures, standards, or regulations. I recognize that my departmental supervisor or designee has the authority to discontinue the service of any non-employee, when such a decision would be in the best interest of the hospital or its patients.

*I understand that this form will become an official part of my non-employee file. Failure to comply with the provisions in this document as well as the policies referred to within it, will result in disciplinary actions up to and including termination of my assignment from Children’s National Hospital.

By clicking “I Agree”, you are confirming that you have read and understood each statement.